Thinking on Talks (parts I & II)

Greg McCarroll greg at
Tue Dec 6 11:23:07 GMT 2005

On 6 Dec 2005, at 11:00, Simon Wistow wrote:

> Quick question - why are tags likely to work in a generic semantic
> web when meta keywords failed?

Most tagging systems allow users/readers to add tags not just the
author, and content might mean different things to to different people
including the author. e.g. someone could tag a photo of them falling
into a river as 'cold' 'accident' whereas i might tag it as 'funny'. :-)

This interpretation is not always something that say for example search
engines (external and internal) can pick up on based on the core  

Also you might do something totally different with personal tags on
some content, e.g. i tag blogs i want to read at some stage as
'newsfireset' on

Tags as they are editable are more visible/user controlled, which  
means that
other tag related mini-functionalities feel right, e.g. tag  
navigation and tag

Just my 2.0c worth,


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