Thinking on Talks (parts I & II)

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Tue Dec 6 16:28:45 GMT 2005

Je 2005-12-06 16:10:26 +0000, Graham Seaman skribis:
> That would be the Windscale that  blew up  when I was a child, then?  My 
> dad was the only person for miles around with access to a geiger 
> counter; I remember him banning us from drinking milk at one point, and 
> then swearing about any government that could lie to its population on 

When I was a kid (coupla decades ago) our family had a holiday near-ish
Sellafield and did one of its bus tours aroung the plant. My dad managed
to borrow a Geiger counter from a local university... It didn't go off
much, except around the CO2 heat exchangers. Still, wasn't a lot though.

Sorry to disappoint ;-)


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