Parrot (was Re: tpf blog)

Paul Makepeace at
Tue Dec 6 18:26:36 GMT 2005

Je 2005-12-06 18:14:15 +0000, Dirk Koopman skribis:
> Is it just me, or has parrot development started again from (more or
> less) scratch?

Someone with a more inside track could probably fill in here. In the
meantime: from what I've been picking up is that the implementation
of Perl 6 in Haskell has actually generated a demand for parrot where
before it was (a little more|little more than) theoretical. There are
other backends being targets by perl 6, most notably Javascript which
in a truth-stranger-than-fiction moment is more complete than any of
the others.

There was also some messiness between the developers of parrot which
probably didn't help any either; now that's history I suspect it's
moving along more easily.


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