Parrot (was Re: tpf blog)

James Davis jamesd at
Wed Dec 7 13:22:03 GMT 2005

Peter wrote:

> So the "definitive list of 24 hour clubs, pubs and bars" contains just
> five nightclubs, a restaurant where you need to buy food before
> drinking, and one pub that isn't actually open 24 hours anyway.
> Hardly a great selection, especially if you like to drink in places
> where you can actually sit down and speak with people.

I may be completely wrong here but I think that figure is pretty close
(it's at least within one order of magnitude if not the same order) to
the number of places in London that were granted 24h hour licenses.

Contrary to popular thought, we're not all out getting pissed 24 hours a
day now as only 359 pubs and clubs across the country were granted 24
hour licenses. The other 70,000 or so successful applicants just wanted
extended hours.


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