The Virtue of Tactfullness [was Re: "The Case for File Swapping"]

Simon Taylor simon at
Fri Dec 9 03:12:47 GMT 2005

Hello Ovid,

> Well, if you want to have fun without dealing directly with Shlomi, you
> can go to the which he claims Randal "attacked" (even
> though he really didn't) and have fun laughing.  The code is decent in
> some places and then you turn the corner and there's this big steaming
> pile of ones and zeros staring you in the face.  For example: 

By all means, let us know exactly what it is that troubles you about this 
page. Perhaps send us a patch, and we'd be glad to consider it.

> They've had this and other flaws pointed out but they still won't
> correct 'em.  Ordinarily I wouldn't be this harsh but since they claim
> to be "complete, working examples of good Perl code" and they refuse to
> fix their bugs, I say "off with their <head>s".

Ah, but history shows us that people who rush to use the guillotine 
sometimes ended up losing their own <head>s that way.... ;-)

The flaws you kindly pointed out on October 2 were addressed
on October 4. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Simon Taylor
Unisolve Pty Ltd - Melbourne, Australia
+61 3 9568 2005

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