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Luis Campos de Carvalho monsieur_champs at
Fri Dec 9 19:06:19 GMT 2005

--- Matt Sergeant <msergeant at> escreveu:
> > http://br.geoc _ champs/
> I'd like to advise you to remove that from your 
> sig - controversial as I know that suggestion 
> will be. Geocities are having a major problem 
> with spammer infestations right now, and any 
> emails containing links to them are 
> being widely blocked as spam (although often 
> depending on the formatting). Yes there is 
> collateral damage, and you're caught in the 
> crossfire, but yahoo simply aren't doing enough 
> to keep spammers off their servers and so we 
> in the anti-spam community have had to act the 
> only way we know how.

  Don't worry, signature removed. 
  Thanks for advising.
  This is the best I can do for now. 
  Maybe after building my own mailserver things get better ;-) or maybe not.

> (part of it is to do with the formatting of your 
> sub-site - word_word is the format used by the 
> spammers)

  When I setted up this website, spammers and spam was not considered a worth-read issue on the
internet ;-)

> I had to retrieve your email from our quarantine 
> system. But a lot of places will just block and delete.

  Thanks again for care and for advising.

Luis Campos de Carvalho
Member of "São Paulo Perl Mongers",
Unix SysAdmin & OCP/DBA Oracle


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