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Fri Dec 9 19:16:51 GMT 2005

--- John Costello <cos at> escreveu:

> It usually doesn't hurt to club DBI with 
> environment variables.  (That may not be David's point, 
> but it is my opinion.)  I typically set ORACLE_SID,
> ORACLE_HOME, and TWO_TASK and shake an angry fist 
> at the script for good measure.  TWO_TASK is 
> used for remote connections (which is what I'm 
> up to). 

  Well, that doesn't work. (even with the angry fist shaking)
  All my Oracle-related variables are correctly setted up, but the error message stills the same.

> It appears that you are connecting to a database 
> local to your web server (yes?),

  Yes, you're right. 
  But the local Oracle database listens on the network interfaces only, and I want to connect to
it trough TCP.

> in which case TWO_TASK shouldn't be an necessary.

  I'm using the 'dbi:Oracle:host=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX;sid=SIDNAME' DSN form, and I think this makes DBI
do what I mean.

> A little searching for "OCIEnvNlsCreate" and "perl"
> led me to several notes ... um, heck--read this 
> sequence of posts, including Malka Cymbalista's last 
> two posts and Michael Chase's follow-on note 
> <>.  > They explain the situation
better.  This appears to 
> be from dbi-users, though it doesn't say so.

  Well, this makes me think, and I tried run the rt/bin/standalone_httpd script as user apache
(and all correct permissions). The result was the same error (OCIEnvNlsCreate).

  Given that I got a good connection to the database using rt/bin/standalone_http as root, this is
obviously an access permiossions problem.

> Boiled down, the answer is: check the web server 
> user's permissions to the oracle libs (one 
> possible problem) and if necessary put your 
> environment declarations in mod-perl's

  Nice deduction, Sherlock! 
  Now I need a way to make the right permission changes so I can access the required libraries.
First try was use /usr/bin/ldd and makes it print the required libraries each dependency from needs to work. 

  I can't figure out nothing wrong with those file permissions, and wasn't able to list the other
required libraries. 

  Does anybody have any extra tips to me?
  Many thanks in advance.

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