Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at
Sat Dec 10 01:07:48 GMT 2005

David Cantrell wrote:
> Then I suggest that those places first:
> stop filtering mail from known-clean mailing lists like this one for
>   spam;

"Well known-clean" - this is a joke? A list is only clean
as long as someone does not screw up - and people always
screw up at some point.

I can easily understand why a commercial A/S company is not
prepared to whitelist an mlist server. I have been inundated
by spam from in the past although I do whitelist
them (at this time).

> and then get some decent anti-spam software.

You must be having a bad hair day. This is like saying "use DBI you 
moron" to Tim Bunce - I just hope Matt responds in as a reserved
and cool manner as Tim does to such undeserved taunts.


p.s. Thanks for the "geo" heads up Matt, although I think we have
somehow managed to miss this one - pity we did not miss "sober" :-(

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