Geocities (was: Re: Help with DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::Oracle...)

David Cantrell david at
Tue Dec 13 12:52:54 GMT 2005

On Sun, Dec 11, 2005 at 10:40:08AM -0500, Matt Sergeant wrote:
> On 9 Dec 2005, at 18:33, David Cantrell wrote:
> >stop filtering mail from known-clean mailing lists like this one for
> >  spam;
> This doesn't help the guy when he's being filtered elsewhere. It was 
> just a heads-up for him.

Hence ...

>> But a lot of places will just block and delete.
> Then I suggest that those places ...

> > and then get some decent anti-spam software.
> I wish I had full control of everyone's systems (even on the one I work 
> on, it was filtered by an external company's filter, not my code). 

Again, this is something that those other places should do.  At minimum
anti-spam software and the policies surrounding it need to permit users
to whitelist mailing lists which they subscribe to - or to ask an admin
to do it for them.

> Unfortunately the severity of the geocities issue has meant some 
> collateral damage has had to occur in order to protect customers from 
> the general abuse.

At least with the spam I see, I don't find geocities to be important.
And while I no doubt see less spam than $antispamco does, I suspect that
it at least has a very similar profile.

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