Proebsting's Law

Paul Makepeace at
Wed Dec 14 12:00:23 GMT 2005

Perl people cry "benchmark!" (or pedantically, "profile!") as soon as
optimizations are mentioned but has anyone here actually done it with

Pick some code, gcc -O3 and gcc it and run them.

I bet there's *much* more than 4% difference[1]. Ten years ago I was
futzing around with assembly code generated for sparcs, comparing various
optimizations. The differences were orders of *magnitude* not percentage
points. In fact some of the optimizations appeared to me so clever I
could barely follow the assembly language despite it being only about six
lines of math & pointer arithmetic in C.


[1] who apols in advance if someone has already done this or I've missed
the point; /me might not be following this thread perfectly

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