Proebsting's Law

Merijn Broeren merijnb at
Thu Dec 15 09:51:52 GMT 2005

Quoting Matt Sergeant (msergeant at
> Depends which end of the scale you're at. At this end I bet hardly 
> anyone rents because they have serious security issues to consider. 

Those can be handled actually. 

> Plus we get economies of scale doing it ourselves.
But there are very large discrete thresholds to get over if you scale
up. Like if you run out of power, or space, or cooling capacity. Adding
just a hundred boxes becomes very expensive if you need to put in
another megawatt of power. So leasing out for some self contained
computing part that doesn't need to connect back into your corporate
network too much (just deliver work done) makes sense if it keeps you
from buying another 100 million dollar datacenter. 

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