Coming soon to a London near you...

andrew Black andrew-li at
Mon Dec 19 15:14:10 GMT 2005

Simon Batistoni wrote:

> If people are up for dragging their already-sozzled carcases to a
> hostelry of some sort (I'll leave someone else to name it - I have no
> idea where you lot all work or drink these days) on Monday, Tuesday or
> Wednesday then it would be an honour to drink with you all. To make
> arranging mildly easier I nominate Tuesday at random, unless a
> majority have a preference for a different day.

There already is a drink muted for Tuesday on GLLUG social.  So it might 
make sense to combine with this .

The Wellington, 81-83 Waterloo Road, SE1 8UD
Time: I'll [ie Dan Kolb]  be there from around 6.45 (depending on the 
arrival time of the
Eurostar), so come earlier and grab a table, or come a bit later and join
whoever of us will be there.

It claims to serve food, and is very close to Waterloo station. Hopefully
there'll be somewhere to sit.

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