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John Costello cos at
Thu Dec 22 19:12:05 GMT 2005

On Fri, 9 Dec 2005, Luis Campos de Carvalho wrote:
> > Boiled down, the answer is: check the web server 
> > user's permissions to the oracle libs (one 
> > possible problem) and if necessary put your 
> > environment declarations in mod-perl's
>   Nice deduction, Sherlock! 
>   Now I need a way to make the right permission changes so I can access 
> the required libraries.
> First try was use /usr/bin/ldd and makes it print the required libraries each dependency from
> needs to work. 

Well, I was basing my deduction on what the real Sherlocks had said.  I 
may have acquired Dr. Watson status on this. 

Apologies for the late response.  I've been fighting a cold and 
travelling, and only now am getting back to this topic.

Did you try modifying mod_perl's  What I recall from the 
dbi-user discussions is that there were issues with mod_perl (though I 
believe it was mod_perl 2 and you are running mod_perl 1, yes?) that 
required variables to be set in

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