"DBD::Pg ping test" coming back for unrelated queries from DBI

Toby Corkindale tjc at wintrmute.net
Wed Jan 4 18:27:18 GMT 2006

I'm getting a really wierd problem here.
Running Pg 8.1.1, DBD::Pg 1.43, modperl 2.0.1, perl 5.8.6, Class::DBI 3.0.13.
I'm running under mod_perl, with and without Apache::DBI, but have also been
able to duplicate the problem outside, in a test pure-perl forking server.

Everything works fine for purely sequential queries.
The problem occurs when several simultaneous queries are made, on several

Then, my queries appear to be returning the results from one of the other
processes, although the most common result is to receive "DBD::Pg ping test"
in the first returned argument from $sth->fetchrow_array. Presumably as part
of the Ima::DBI sub-system attempting to maintain handles, I'd guess - but I'm
not sure.

Have you seen this before?
Am I doing something wrong with Class::DBI?

I'm surprised I haven't hit this problem before! I've done quite a lot of work
with cDBI and DBD::Pg.


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