[OT] xml encoding

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Fri Jan 6 16:11:40 GMT 2006

On Fri, 2006-01-06 at 15:40 +0000, Dirk Koopman wrote:
> Preventing that (by doing things more "manually" or using
> xmlNewTextChild()) produces output like the first example.

Actually, it doesn't (because I can't even edit emails properly anymore
it seems), it carefully escapes the '&' characters to '&',

<PASSWORD>rs&amp;#16;&amp;#30;&amp;#25;*  &amp;#6;</PASSWORD>

*instead* of 

<PASSWORD>rs&#16;&#30;&#25;*  &#6;</PASSWORD>

which is probably what I want.
Dirk Koopman <djk at tobit.co.uk>

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