Tom Hukins tom at
Thu Jan 12 15:08:13 GMT 2006

On Thu, Jan 12, 2006 at 02:24:44PM +0000, Simon Wistow wrote:
> It would useful to me to be able to have 1 program that could 
> communicate to people on multiple IM networks with the minimum of fuss 
> to the user.
> At first I wondered if it might be possible using Jabber and its network
> proxies but to be honest I don't know enough about that. 

If you want a human to communicate with multiple networks, I'd go with
Adium as Leo suggests, or Gaim or Trillian depending on your platform.

You can also use Jabber to do this, although the Jabber server I
mostly use loses connectivity to various networks sometimes.

For communicating with users automatically, I've used Bot::Jabberbot
with an account subscribed to an MSN gateway as a quick proof of
concept for writing bots that live on multiple networks.


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