Techmeets (was Re: envy)

Simon Wistow simon at
Fri Jan 13 18:39:57 GMT 2006

On Fri, Jan 13, 2006 at 06:23:24PM +0000, Nicholas Clark said:
> As a corollary (which can happily run in parallel with Dean's far more
> practical suggestion), what would the audience like to hear? You might have
> some topics that someone else could speak about, but that person hadn't
> realised that anyone would be interested, so had never considered talking.

Also - a few people have mentioned to me that they feel intimidated 
coming to social meets which is regrettable but understandable. 

I've noticed a correlation between the number of tech meets and
attendence at the social and so I'm wondering if people feel that tech 
meets are a good, gently option to being introduced to the more face to 
face side of this group.

Feel free to reply on or off list if you have comments.


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