[ANNOUNCE] London.pm Leadership Elections

Mark Fowler mark at twoshortplanks.com
Mon Jan 16 19:53:53 GMT 2006

After talking things through with other members from London.pm I've
decided it's time for me to pass leadership of London.pm onto someone

I've been taking an increasingly hands-off and delegatory approach to the
leadership of London.pm.  While this approach has worked well, I think the
role could benefit from someone new at the helm.  I'm not planning to
vanish in a puff of smoke, but I've come to realise that I can probably
achieve as much for the group without actually being the leader, while
freeing up that position for someone with fresh eyes who can hopefully
also divert a bit more time to the day to day stuff as well.

I'm going to nominate Simon Wistow as my potential successor.  To his
credit Simon has been doing a sterling job acting as pub tzar, organising
two excellent London Perl Workshops, not to mention working on a whole
pile of Perl stuff that would take too long to list here.  He's a good
choice for the role, and amazingly he's said he'd be happy enough to
do it.

Just in case anyone else wants to stand, we'll open up nominations for
leader from now for just under a week, till the end of Sunday (i.e. up to
and including 2006-01-22T23:59:59 GMT)  Please nominate any additional
candidates for leader to the list before then, but before you do that
please confirm with them that they want to stand.  I know for a fact that
the previous leaders and myself do not wish to stand again.  It should go
without saying, but please only nominate real people (no bots, stuffed
camels or Yucca plants please.)

If we get any other nominations other than Simon we'll then hold
elections.  I'll post details of how they'll run closer to the time if
that becomes necessary.

People worried that I'm abandoning Perl should not be;  I'm still a full
time professional Perl programmer, and I hack on it in my spare time too.
To be honest I'm looking forward to the Perl projects that freeing myself
from the leadership role will afford me time to work on.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


#!/usr/bin/perl -T
use strict;
use warnings;
print q{Mark Fowler, mark at twoshortplanks.com, http://twoshortplanks.com/};

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