Suggestions for Perl training in the docklands

Mike Stok mike at
Thu Jan 19 11:24:55 GMT 2006

This email is soliciting opinions and suggestions about training in  
the docklands.

I have been looking at the web sites of various training providers  
who can deliver Perl training in the docklands area, but to be candid  
reviewing Google results from Canada doesn't really leave me with a  
feel for who is good and who is brutally mediocre.  So I am asking  
you fine people because you might know or even do the kind of  
training I think I am after.  At the very least I'd be grateful for  
warnings about the really bad organisations, and recommendations  
based on experience as a tutor or a student.

The company I work for (Accenture) has a client in the docklands, and  
some of our people there need to either learn or brush up their  
perl.  We are talking of roughly 6 people who are unix & shell savvy,  
need an "introduction to Perl" course.  As we can't take them all off  
site for extended periods of time, I'm looking for an entity which  
can deliver one of the week-ish courses one day at a time with the  
days a week apart, or some similar "dispersed" training.

The exact numbers of people and format are still open for discussion.

If this is you (or someone you know of) then please let me know, on  
or off-list.

Thanks in advance for any responses,



Mike Stok <mike at>

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