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Aaron Trevena aaron.trevena at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 14:25:20 GMT 2006

On 20/01/06, Nigel Rantor <wiggly at wiggly.org> wrote:
> >>Find a few rabid devotees of Catalyst/Maypole/et cetera and challenge
> >>them thusly :
> >>
> >>"Oh, yeah, I was going to use X but I'm not sure it would be able to
> >>handle it, I'm going to use Y instead."
> >
> >
> > I have, unfortunately, already tried this trying to get people to write
> > a web frontend for Siesta. It's, err, not worked. Clearly mind Jedi Mind
> > tricks aren't up to scratch.
> Hmm...that surprises me, maybe it means people are just a lot more
> willing to talk crap about other people's code than to go and do
> something to prove it, oh, hold on...*lightbulb*

I'd love to but I'm busy on paid projects using my framework of choice :)

Although as I've just done a nice jobsite for somebody I was thinking
of doing a freelancers.perl.org based on what I'd like as a
freelancer, and using ideas/lessons learnt from my last project. (I
was also thinking it could be funded/sponsered by a couple of umbrella
companies or something)



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