web site (was: [ANNOUNCE] [SOCIAL] blah blah)

Simon Wistow simon at
Fri Jan 20 14:58:09 GMT 2006

> Me too.  Or rather, I am, er, was doing.  Intrigued by the 3-Step 
> Crack-Fuelled XML Transmogrification Process [tm] required to build the 
> site, I took a look at it.  Turns out you can all do it using ttree and 
> a few well-placed site wrappers.  So I did.  Much cleaner.

I kiss you!

Tom Insam has stepped up to the plate and is, or was earlier, working on 
getting the Subversion webby https stuff working. At which point I shall 
hand our the commit bits and you can patch away.

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