Emergency Social. SUNDAY. 11 _AM_

jesse jesse at fsck.com
Fri Jan 20 17:52:05 GMT 2006

Right then. As is the case rather more frequently than Her Majesty's
Customs service would seem to prefer, I'm going to be in London for
about 7 hours between flights on Sunday morning. It's been rather too
long since I last had dimsum.  So, any of you that happen to still be up 
at 11 AM on this Sunday morning are invited to join me at Royal China.
(W2 4QJ, Bayswater tube)

Because I've got to get on a 2PM flight to Hamburg, we're going to try
to get ourselves seated as close to 11AM as possible, so if you think
you'll be there but a few minutes late, it would be useful for me or
someone else who's on time to know this.


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