[CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS] Integrate Andy's shiny new website stuff

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Thu Jan 26 14:45:09 GMT 2006

Unfortunately RealLife[tm] has ambushed me temporarily and so I haven't 
had the time to sit down and integrates Andy's new shinyness


with the current svn version.

After having spoken with Andy we think that the best plan would be take 
his current system and instead of having to produce stub .html files for 
all the .xml files as per the current tar ball we'd have all src .xml 
and .html files in the src directory and then have something like this

  [% SET page.type = 'xml' IF template.name.match('\.xml$') %]               
  [% SWITCH page.type;                                                       
        # ...etc...                                                          
        CASE xml;                                                            
           # generate .html page                                             
           FILTER redirect(template.name.replace('\.xml$', '.html'));        
             content WRAPPER site/html                                       
                           + site/layout                                     
                           + site/xmlpage;                                   
           # pass through XML content to .xml page                           
        # ...etc...                                                          

So basically any willing volunteer would

1. Amalgamate all source .xml and .html files from SVN into one 
   src directory
2. Change all .html files to be in the new style like the ones in Andy's 
   tar ball. Where possible convert them to .xml files (but this can 
   come later)
3. Run the ttree shinyness and check to see that it works

and if you've got time

4. Fix up all the .cgis so they follow the new scheme. Maybe create 
   Template::LondonPM which sets all the wrappers, paths etc set 

In return I shall do both of these

a) pay your contribution to the kitty at the next social 
b) promise to sort the front page next week so it has news (including 
   the next meeting date) and add an RSS, Atom and ICalendar feed to 
   the frontpage and the meetings page

or we can arrange some sort of other renumeration if those don't meet 
your fancy.


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