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drkjam drkjam at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Jan 31 20:11:11 GMT 2006

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Gareth Kirwan wrote:
>> It's catch 22. If we don't support IE then we look incompetent because
>> all websites support IE. If we do support IE then we give people no
>> reason to switch to something better.
> Render the page, perfectly.
> Wait two seconds, and then show a simple nasty javascript alert:
> "See, We DO know how to do it. We just choose not to!"
> And then redirect them to mozilla.org
> ;o)
use strict;
use Text::Wrap;

$Text::Wrap::columns = 72;

my $foo = qq{That's fine but it doesn't help us poor users who are
*forced* via company policy and enforcement software to use IE for all

evil software on my machine instantly disables (Mozilla|Firefox) as
soon as it is installed and you get nasty mails with links to internal
company compliance docs.

Flock works for the moment (as they don't know about it yet) but it
isn't very stable at the moment. Oh and IE7 has tabs and a separate
search dialog. Wonder where they got that idea?

print wrap("", "", $foo);


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