"fixing" RCS files

Tara Andrews chrysaphi at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 21:32:12 GMT 2006

I have a problem I want to solve, and I can't imagine it's unique, so
am wondering if any of you know of an existing solution.

I have a bunch of RCS files, gathered over the years in a CVS
repository.  For most of these files, someone at some point in the
past decided that adding the $Log$ keyword in the header somewhere was
a good idea.  I have a bunch of exporting, importing, merging, etc.
that I want to do, and these revision logs are making the merges in
particular a massive headache.

So.  Is there anything out there that will take an RCS file with some
amount of revision logging, and output an RCS file from an alternate
universe where no one was foolish enough to stick the $Log$ keyword
in?  Is there anything that will get me part of the way there?


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