Profiling Perl app memory usage

Nik Clayton nik at
Sat Feb 4 15:28:30 GMT 2006

Nik Clayton wrote:
> Is anyone aware of anything that makes it easier to portably track a Perl
> app's memory usage?


> Walking through CPAN modules that match /devel/i and /prof/i I can't see
> anything that can reliably extract this information.
> Anyone know of anything, or can suggest an approach?

Phil Pennock suggested I look at BSD::Resource, which seems to be a good 
fit.  Thanks Phil.

So, here's Devel::Memory.  It's very simple minded, and designed (hardcoded) 
for SVN::Web at the moment.  I'd appreciate feedback on any additional 
features that might make this useful (and a better name), as well as 
suggestions for a good API.

Here's the commit that created it:

You can check out the code from that link too.

Usage is (assuming the directory is in @INC) just

     perl -d:Memory app-you-want-to-profile


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