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James Davis jamesd at
Mon Feb 6 20:05:17 GMT 2006

Chris Heathcote wrote:

> I'm thinking about dumping Bytemark - my machine went wobbly before
> christmas, they'd helpfully deleted everyone's backup a few week's
> before without telling anyone. All dates for getting the data back
> were broken, got one month's hosting paid for, but...

I don't believe they deleted it, wasn't it that the storage device on
which it was kept died?

I'd never treated the space as something to rely upon but as a nice
extra that came thrown in with the hosting deal. I was slightly upset
that I'd lost the backups but if they were *that* important I'd have
also kept a copy elsewhere (the backup space is accessible from outside
their network after all) and my VM didn't fail during the 24hrs I had no

Over all I'm very pleased.


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