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Simon Wistow simon at
Tue Feb 7 12:26:49 GMT 2006

I've added several news feeds to the new site - an rss, an 
atom and an iCalendar feed.

They should be autodiscoverable from any page but you can get them 
directly from

or you can get the XML file that drives them from
Suggestions for other events appreciated.

The new site won't go live until the IE rendering bug is fixed. So far
several people have offered but nobody's actually stepped up yet. 
Unfortunately, unlike every other time this has happened I won't be able
to fix it because 

a) I'm an HTML retard 
b) I don't have IE.

Secondly, says that the Atom feed is all kinds of
wrong but XML::Atom seems to be the only Atom generating module on CPAN. 
Suggestions gratefully accepted.

Thirdly, Feedvalidator also says (perhaps spuriously) that the HTTP
header should have the character encoding in it. There appears to be no
way to turn this off in Again, suggestions welcome although I'm 
not too worried about this one.


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