khtml2png results without khtml2png

Paul Hammond mail at
Tue Feb 7 19:31:22 GMT 2006

On 7 Feb 2006, at 17:28, Chisel Wright wrote:

> At $workplace we'd like to take local HTML (with assets) and  
> generate a
> thumbnail of the rendered page.
> We've found khtml2png, but that requires KDE to be installed, and it's
> not really something that we can sanely run on a server.
> [scary stuff with taking actual screenshots as I understand]
> Has anyone already been down this road and have a [perl based if
> possible] solution?

Things worth investigating (aside from khtml2png) include http:// (several links on that page)  
and (requires a mac and python,  
apologies for the self promotion).

There are others, but the common theme behind all of these scripts is  
that they all require access to an x/vnc/window server of some  
description - few of the browsers offer programmatic access to the  
rendered page, and none of them will run without access to a display,  
so if running a vnc/x server is not possible then you quickly run out  
of options.

If getting the graphics from a third party is acceptable, I know of  
at least one person planning to offer http based access to  
webkit2png.  There's also

> I feel like there ought to be a way to do something along the lines of
> using some html rendering library (gecko?) to render straight to
> jpg/png, but googling hasn't come up with anything I've been able to
> see.

Again, only problem is getting code that uses this functionality to  
run without access to X.

I'd be really interested in any other solutions you find to this  


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