Export xml from Interwoven TeamSite?

john_oshea@wordbank.com john_oshea at wordbank.com
Fri Feb 10 14:57:09 GMT 2006

Sorry for the singularly un-Friday-afternoon-ness of this, but I'm  
wondering if anyone's had any experience of, well, what it says in  
the subject. We have a cannot-be-named client who appear to be  
completely unable to work out how to export text content from  
TeamSite. We don't run it here (and are fairly unlikely ever to,  
given our size), and Interwoven's tech support are of the "Can I have  
your support id" call-centre variety.

Anyone telling me it's "File -> Export As..." or equivalent will (a)  
receive virtual beer tokens of their choice, and (b) confirm that  
$client's IT dept are of the Miss Piggy / Kermit variety that I think  
they are.


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