Filemaker, reviving cigars

John Costello cos at
Tue Feb 14 19:14:32 GMT 2006

On Fri, 10 Feb 2006, Andy Wardley wrote:
> bah at wrote:
> >   Put the cigars in a tupperware container with a slightly damp sponge
> > (not very damp-- no water should come out) for several days.
> A lettuce leaf or two is a good substitute for the sponge, having just
> about the right kind of moisture level you need.  

Thanks to both of you for your suggestions regarding the cigars which, as 
you might have guessed, are more important to me than Filemaker.

There is an application (fmpro migrator) that examines Filemaker databases
and spews perl to migrate them to other databases (mysql, Oracle).  It's
spendy (US$100), and I'm not sure how it will handle shift-jis encoded
data, but it is a start.

John Costello - cos at indeterminate dot net

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