["Broadfoot, Kieran J" <Kieran.Broadfoot@gs.com>] Out of Office AutoReply: Are apostrophes valid in an email addres s?

Tara Andrews chrysaphi at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 19:22:04 GMT 2006

On 2/15/06, David Dorward <david at dorward.me.uk> wrote:

> I'm of the opinion that when it comes to broken autoresponders you
> have choices (and at least two of the below will apply to everyone
> with a broken autoresponder)
> 1. Don't use it

Not practically.  There are a lot of good business reasons why Kieran
would need to use the autoresponder if he's away.

> 2. Bypass it for mailing lists

No, it's too broken.

> 3. Unsubscribe from mailing lists when you turn it on

Possible, but very irritating and error-prone.

> 4. Unsubscribe from mailing lists and resubscript with another email
> account without the autoresponder on it.

Not if he wants to read or post to the mailing list at any time while
he's at work.  Outside mail, including webmail, is blocked for legal
reasons.  (Witness me, only sending mail from home after hours.)

So, the "at least two" options reduces to one very bad one.  Try again.


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