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David Cantrell david at
Thu Feb 16 12:05:16 GMT 2006

> > > >>>>>It's ok. I'm sure we won't Hegel you too much.
> > > >>>>I'm too out of it at the moment to do anything with it, so will someone
> > > >>>>please come up with a pun that works with the multiple meanings of
> > > >>>>Quine?
> > > >>>I can't help you any. My brain's too Freud.
> > > >>Locke here, we want no More of this.
> > > >>Can we please revert to conversing in plain Engels?
> > > >Oh, Godel. Why don't we all just go have a Curry and clear the Ayer?
> > > Indeed. This is Turing into a farce.
> > A Mill stone around the list's neck, no less.
> You're just Gibbon us a hard time now, you know this was all a Rousseau
> on Greg's part to distract us?

I thought the silliness had Plato'ed but then you came along to
continue it.  Bastard.

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