Young Whisky

James Cronin james at
Fri Feb 17 17:48:41 GMT 2006

> > One handy thing about single malts is that even the most incompetent
> > landlord can't do much to ruin it, compared to the vile things they manage
> > to do to bitter.
> CUSFS drank Newcastle Brown when it met in New Hall bar for this same reason.
> (Although the bitter started out as Greene King before the landlord even got
> his hands on it, so he wasn't dealt a winning hand)
> Something I don't understand about Newcastle Brown - why is it sold as draft
> in the US? Real Newcastle Brown comes in 550ml bottles. (Danish pubs please
> take note)

I've drunk it on draft in a pub in Tyneside before, but you're right
that it's much more common in the states (as also are small 300ml
(12 US Fl Oz) bottles, which are JUST WRONG)


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