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Sun Feb 19 11:49:17 GMT 2006

You are very unlikely to find any Scapa outside Orkney. The distillery has been
shut down for some years and is in the process of re-commissioning. If you go
to Kirkwall there is still some left in the shops, but you really have to look
for it.

On 17-Feb-2006 Joel Bernstein wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 17, 2006 at 04:14:32PM +0000, Peter Corlett wrote:
>> I'm currently working through the Ardbeg Uigedail and the Balvenie PortWood
>> and DoubleWood. The port cask finish of the Balvenie does make quite an
>> interesting little drink.
> I bought a bottle of Ardbeg Uigedail for my dad for his birthday, which
> is lovely stuff. Bought myself a bottle of Balvenie DoubleWood then too,
> which is also very good [but I prefer the Ardbeg]. Have been told I
> should try Scapa and Mortlach too...
> Personal favourites so far are Ardbeg Uigedail, Lagavulin and Highland
> Park 12 and 18yo. I really should drink less beer and more whisky at
> home, it doesn't seem to cost any more to drink good scotch than to
> drink nice belgian beers.
> Any other particularly fine whiskies?
> /joel

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