invoking perl quietly and portably

Stig Brautaset stig at
Mon Feb 20 10:31:42 GMT 2006

For the Module::Build::Kwalitee[0] compile test I'm testing perl  
scripts in ./bin using the following:

   ok( ! system($Config{perlpath}, "-c", "-Mblib", $script),  
"$script" );

This appears to work, but is a bit more chatty than I'd like. I've  
skimmed through perlipc but couldn't see a way around this except  
opening a pipe and redirecting stderr to /dev/null, which seems  
somewhat unportable:

   open(SPOOLER, "| $Config{perlpath} -c -Mblib $script 2>/dev/null")
                            || die "can't fork: $!";
   local $SIG{PIPE} = sub { die "spooler pipe broke" };
   close SPOOLER || die "bad spool: $! $?";

Any ideas?


[0] -

"Those who flee temptation generally leave a forwarding address." --  
Lane Olinghouse

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