Andrew Beattie andrew at
Tue Feb 21 07:34:20 GMT 2006

John Costello wrote:

>BT invented this wonderful thing 
>called "Yellow Pages" which we copied....
Odd that.  They invented Yellow Pages, then sold it off.

And now they think it's a good idea again and have added a classified 
section at the back of  the phone book again. (the on-line version) is surprisingly useful.  There is a whole 
class of questions that answers efficiently.

But don't ignore Thompson Local.  Their geographic search is good - for 
example, search for "Plumbers" near your
postcode. Wade past the "Nearby Advertisers" to the "Nearby Businesses" 
and it will list them strictly by distace from your location.
It can be damned useful to pick a tradesman who lives in the next street.


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