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O'Shaughnessy, Jamie jamieosh at amazon.co.uk
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I have found that it is hard to recruit quality developers (for any language or tech) anyway. I think it's all the worse in the web world. We have really been struggling to find good perl people too.

You seem to get a lot of people that have done what may be some interesting web work, but it's very small scale and they only have experience of working in very small teams and often have very limited software engineering experience. I've found it only too common that their perl knowledge is "user level" at best - ask them to explain the difference between my and local and they may just muddle through, start talking about stashes, closures, etc and they're totally lost.

And if they get through the technical side, where are the communication and people skills? You spend far less time actually coding than you do dealing with other people and so this is a real key skill for good devs.

My final test is always - do I want to sit next to this person for most of my working day, can I get on with them, have a laugh, etc. (and will they feel the same way about me!).

I'd be interested in hearing people's thoughts and experiences on recruiting.


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> http://gs.globalsuccessor.com/fe/tpl_yahoo01.asp?jobid=29041
> They appear to be struggling to find decent candidates apparently.

And requiring a bit of hoop jumping, rendering URLs useless, thus


and then search for ref. 693

(for anyone who didn't figure that out themselves)

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