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Andy Armstrong andy at hexten.net
Thu Feb 23 12:05:53 GMT 2006

On 23 Feb 2006, at 10:56, Peter Hickman wrote:
> Given that we were not given any such information about the type of  
> data that is held in alphas and betas then we cannot ignore the  
> possibility of duplicates. We may also be in the position that the  
> order of the results is also important so the sorted list with a  
> binary search would probably fail for both duplicates and results  
> ordering.

The sensible answer is that you wouldn't even start to optimise  
something like that without knowing more about the context. It'd be  
foolish to reproduce foibles of that code unnecessarily. Depending on  
the circumstances it might be foolish to change that code at all.

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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