Oh, now I've gone and done it

Randy J. Ray rjray at blackperl.com
Wed Mar 1 10:36:59 GMT 2006

It looks like, barring unforseen catastrophe (tsunami, meteor, or being
rejected for my HSMP permit), I shall be relocating to London at some point in
April. I have a 4-week contract I have to complete here in the states, then a
little time to tie up my loose ends. Exact dates have not been plotted as of
yet, it was only this afternoon (California-time) that we (I and the company,
to be named later) went from "What might it be like if you were to come?", to
"What will need to be done, to make this happen?"

I am at once excited and more than a little nervous about this.

Suggestions (offline, please-- do check your mail headers when replying) for
areas in London I should plan on looking for housing are welcome. I have
reasons for wanting to be close to RAF Hendon, but if that puts me too far into
the suburbs, it's a no-go. I won't be paying to have my car shipped over, so I
expect I'll be planning my life around walking and bike-riding.

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