Aaron Trevena aaron.trevena at
Wed Mar 1 12:30:32 GMT 2006

On 01/03/06, Andy Armstrong <andy at> wrote:
> I mailed the author, Richard Clamp, a couple of days ago but have had
> no reply. If I can't get hold of him by the time I have a release
> ready what should I do? I could release it as a different module -
> but that seems to be a needless pollution of module namespace. What's
> the protocol for replacing a module which - although it sort of works
> - is unusable in most practical situations?

Usual practice is to report any clear bugs on rt, possibly mention
your feelings in cpan rantings about what you don't like (i.e. the
stuff that isn't very helpful in a bug report), and send a long
helpful email to the author - then wait a little more than 48 hours
for a response.

Uploading a forked version to cpan less than a week after contacting
the author is a bit of an over-reaction.

I emailed M J Ray with a version of Apache::RPC::Server that works
with Apache 2.x a couple months ago and haven't had a response  - I'll
probably upload it as Apache2::RPC::Server with a note that it'll be
obselete when an updated Apache::RPC::Server comes out, I certainly
won't be forking or trampling all over the namespace.


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