Preventing missing dependencies

Aaron Trevena aaron.trevena at
Wed Mar 1 13:42:04 GMT 2006

On 27/02/06, Robert Rothenberg <robrwo at> wrote:
> On 02/26/2006 07:54 PM Aaron Trevena wrote:
> > I'm guessing there are all the required pieces on CPAN to knock
> > together a Test::PreRequsitites within a couple of hours
> There already is a Test::Prereq package:
> It has some issues, though. For certain packages it blocks on STDIN, at
> least on Windows.  It also takes a painfully long time to run, so I'd have
> it run only if an environment variable is enabled.

It is painfully slow, but it does work very nicely thanks.. It's just
what I wanted.

I added a quick check of an environmental var to decide whether to
skip it all not and all's happy (naturally it is also skipped if the
module isn't installed)

I'll probably add it to all my packages to catch pre-requisites that
are missing.


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