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Aaron Trevena aaron.trevena at
Thu Mar 2 11:47:21 GMT 2006

On 02/03/06, Denny De La Haye <denny at> wrote:
> Yes.  jobs at
> (role is mostly web devel, location is SW19)

If you're comfortable working in a web dev agency, with the usual
issues it entails (lots of deadlines, muppet clients, very heavy
multi-tasking, and lots more deadlines), then they are pretty good

The lead project manager, Tim, is a star, and the directors they are
pretty sound (approachable, friendly, fairly hands on and ready to get
their hands dirty, or least sliced and diced by sharp metal in servers
and racks).

There are some pretty interesting projects for some big clients, it's
not just the usual bog standard cgi/php web dev (although there is a
fair amount of that). You'll probably get to work with web services
and high availability at some point as there are a few projects using
those, as well as some impressively high volume e-commerce (like
Office Shoes).

The technology involves some and PHP, but a lot of perl -
which itself varies from nicely documented C::DBI, to the inpenetrable
and partially undocumented legacy stuff, and a crack-fuelled fork of



(who worked there until november)

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