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Fri Mar 3 18:39:00 GMT 2006

FYI, <> is an excellent resource.

For photo printing you might want to try and determine the number of
years a printed photo will last given a particular ink/paper
combination.  Some pairs boast a hundred years, while others, perhaps
only a year or two.

On 3/3/06, Toby Corkindale <tjc at> wrote:
> I was about ready to purchase a printer for a combination of general-purpose
> and photo printing, a while back. I did a fair bit of shopping around and
> comparing, and even went to the trouble of getting Canon to post me print-outs
> of one of my own photos, printed on several of their printers.
> The printer I almost bought was the Canon IP4000! It didn't print as nicely as
> the higher up 6-cartridge models, but the difference wasn't enough to bother
> me for the initial and running cost difference.
> (This was after Jessops cancelled their online printing service)
> Then I swapped to using instead, and my other main use of paper
> (printing maps/directions) was replaced by buying a bluetooth GPS dongle.
> I'm not quite sure how Epson remain in business.. their consumer printers (of
> which I've owned quite a few over the years) have eaten through ink and
> print-heads at a stupid rate, especially when used with my intermittent usage
> patterns.
> My favourite printer is still my old HP Laserjet 6 though.
> B&W only, but it's outlasted everything else.

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