Printers [was scam]

David Hodgkinson davehodg at
Fri Mar 3 23:46:40 GMT 2006

On 3 Mar 2006, at 22:31, Pedro Figueiredo wrote:

> On 3 Mar 2006, at 21:59, David Hodgkinson wrote:
>> On 3 Mar 2006, at 15:59, Toby Corkindale wrote:
>>> The printer I almost bought was the Canon IP4000!
>> I have that and it rules.
> i have an ip5000 and am extremely pissed off because i can't get it  
> to do proper b&w, it's always a sort of sepia (mac os x, photoshop  
> cs, adobe rgb 1998 profile in everything). do you have any luck  
> with b&w with the 4000?

Seems so. What inks does it have? What paper are you using? I generally
use the best Kodak paper, although magazines suggest that Ilford and
even the occasional variety of Jessops own (gasp!) work well too.

That said, "real" prints whether from Boots or Kodak are just better.

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