amazon quits sluff because the peeps canna talk propa

Dirk Koopman djk at
Sun Mar 5 11:25:07 GMT 2006

On Sat, 2006-03-04 at 14:09 -0800, Randy J. Ray wrote:
> > "Amazon has decided to relocate its customer service centre to Cork in a
> > bid to take advantage of stronger language skills in Ireland."
> Heh... reminds me of a fairly-recent story in which a Japanese automaker
> (Toyota, I think) pulled out of plans to locate a plant in Mississippi and
> place it in Canada, instead. The reason? Several other makers (I think one was
> Honda) warned them that the workforce there was so badly-educated, they had had
> to translate much of their training manuals into pictorials.
> I *wish* I were kidding.
> > "The news can only make things worse for Slough - long regarded as
> > Britain's most depressing place to live and visit."
> OK. That place gets added to the list of sights to see. Anything that rates
> that kind of description has to be experienced first-hand.

And anyway, when you get bored with Slough, there is Windsor (Castle)
(which you can see from my old school) and Eton (maybe mess about on/by
the river). There's Pinewood Studios (you can go to Black Park lake and
play "spot the movies" it was in). Marlow and Henley are near by (more
messing about on the river). Then there is loads of history and
interesting old stuff all around (since poetry suddenly seems to loom
large in peoples' minds on this list, you can go and see Gray's tomb and
[re-]read his elegy). Go one mile north and you are in the Chilterns
with lots of walking / riding. You could go fishing in the canal.

The list goes on and on - it's soooooooo depressing, is Slough.   

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