amazon quits sluff because the peeps canna talk propa

Tara Andrews chrysaphi at
Sun Mar 5 16:47:46 GMT 2006

On 3/4/06, Randy J. Ray <rjray at> wrote:

> Heh... reminds me of a fairly-recent story in which a Japanese automaker
> (Toyota, I think) pulled out of plans to locate a plant in Mississippi and
> place it in Canada, instead. The reason? Several other makers (I think one was
> Honda) warned them that the workforce there was so badly-educated, they had had
> to translate much of their training manuals into pictorials.

Well, you know, Japanese manuals translated into English are often
nigh-impossible for me to understand.  (I was raised in the Alabama
school system right next door, but am normally considered to be


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