Groovy Work

Andy Wardley abw at
Tue Mar 7 08:32:00 GMT 2006

Paul Makepeace raised the stakes:
> I dunno.. I raise you one cellphone, and a skiing trip in a couple of weeks.
> The team meeting with Vint Cerf was pretty fascinating too.

My employer provides free food (roasted vegetable tortellini today), 
beer, wine, fruit and other snacks - it's all just in the kitchen area 
and we help ourselves.  I have a great office with my own sound system, 
and whatever computer equipment I want (an iMac and studio monitors just 
for playing iTunes?  No problem!).  We have a games room, a number of 
chill-out rooms complete with beds in case anyone wants to take a nap 
and shower facilities for those (like me) who have all their best ideas 
in the shower (and no-one bats an eyelid if you walk around the office 
dripping wet and naked).  We have company cellphones, expense accounts, 
cars and bikes at our disposal, creche facilities, family-friendly 
flexible working hours, and they're paying for a snowboarding trip to 
France next week for me *and* all the family.  The boss lets me go out 
skateboarding whenever I want (assuming I also get my work done, of 
course) and I'm shagging one of the more attractive female members of 
the board.

I'm all in.


PS I'm self-employed, working from a home office and married to the 
other director of the company.  But it's all true - I am by far the best 
employer I've ever had  :-)

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