David Landgren david at
Wed Mar 8 14:36:57 GMT 2006

Matt S Trout wrote:
> Jonathan McKeown wrote:
>> A 10Kline CGI script, with most variables global and including its own 
>> CGI parameter parsing. Is this really the best option, or can anyone 
>> suggest an alternative which can parse Apache logfiles and 
>> successfully separate out robots and spiders (about 80-90% of our 
>> hits) from real users? (The department whose server this is rejected 
>> webalizer because they didn't like the answers it gave).
> I'm kinda fond of
> which admittedly isn't quite as featureful as most, but is simple, fast, 
> and seems to generate all the stats clients really *need* - plus a 
> pretty route-through-site diagram that fulfils the shininess quota nicely.

mmm.... smooth.

Thanks for that. I now have a reason to ditch webalizer.

"It's overkill of course, but you can never have too much overkill."

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