Perl/CPAN v. Ruby ?

Jonathan Peterson JPeterson at
Thu Mar 9 14:48:20 GMT 2006

> It's useful though, in the eternal fight with management and 
> clients. REST, for 
> example, by its mere existence as an acronym, has proved a valuable tool 
> preventing the once inexorable rise of the idiocy of heavyweight SOAPy 

However, most people I've come across use REST to mean 'Use GET or POST to 
send function arguments, and return results in the body of the response in 
some mutually agreed format'. Not necessarily a bad idea, but not actually 
in the spirit of REST. Are people really using REST with HTTP PUT, and 
DELETE methods?

We tried to use XMLRPC, which is easier and faster than SOAP, but it 
doesn't appear to have been well adopted at large, and we are increasingly 
finding everyone wants SOAP APIs. But SOAP is a PITA and always seems to 
be slow. bleh.


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